Niwaki Enamel Mug


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Enrobed in a durable enamel coating, Niwaki's hand-finished mugs have an intentional curvy profile that fits perfectly in the hand.

Enamel is less likely to break when you drop it. It’s also light enough to take hiking – hang it from your daypack or even to the far end of the garden.

Great for tea and coffee, especially around a campfire, but even better for impromptu whisky sessions. 

As with all hand-finished items, allow for slight imperfections and variations in the enamel.

The gold sticker is not a permanent feature, but the Niwaki stamp on the base is.

Dishwasher friendly but as with all enamel items, hand-washing is preferable. Avoid soaking in the sink for too long as the small air vent on the underside of the handle can take in water.


  • 190g
  • 80 x 90mm
  • Made in Thailand
  • Volume: 380 ml, aka 0.66 of a pint
  • The enamel steel is made in Japan by The Fuji Porcelain Enamel Company (est. 1947) before being finished in their factory in Thailand